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Dongurami (Circle) and An-yeong (How are you? Good bye)

Title: Dongurami (Circle) and An-yeong (How are you? Good bye)


Jung-A Han titled all of single series portraits paintings as ‘Dongurami’ The artist explains its as if when children start to draw a human’s face they all start to draw from the ‘Circle.’  ‘Dongurami’ expresses the starting point- the human face.  The title is called ‘Dongurami’ which in Korean means ‘Circle’.

I am interested in trying to reveal how the visual image and text collaborate and communicate with each other. The text of the installation piece utilises the artist’s native Korean Hangul alphabet characters.  By showing the unfamiliar symbolic format, built using different visual structures to Irish and European viewers, I aim to explore how erstwhile familiar alphabet characters are altered to ambiguous two dimension sculptures when viewed from a western viewer’s perspective.

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