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Voice:목소리:Moksoli Category Archives

Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Year: 2018

Description of the Exhibition

Voice:목소리:Moksoli is a live fifteen minute performance and forty five minute audio installation, originated by Jung-A Han with invited performers Yoon-Kyung Chung exploring aspects of dual identity, a condition often experienced by migrants arriving in a new country. A reciprocal exchange of diverse experiences results in hybridity of cultures and language resulting in transcultural experience for migrants and host country citizens alike. The performance explores themes of immigration and disorientation utilising calligraphy writing, sound and dance.

The performance begins with the sound of Korean drum followed by the voice of the artist Jung-A Han as she whispers the narration of a poem translated from Korean to English, while the original Korean calligraphy is displayed on the floor where the two performers sit. The poem is written by Se-Jeong Han, a poet who resides in Korea and a sister of the artist. Jung-A Han use of her sisters poem in the work is relevant as it itself deals with idea of loss from distant families. The use of her sisters poem in her work accentuates the feeling of displacement and longing.

The audio installation is based on interviews and music from members of the public who have a connection with more than two cultures, reflecting upon on their own perceptions and experiences of representing different identities. The piece starts with a performance of Korean drumming played by performers from the Korean School of Dublin and is followed by recorded responses to the questions of identity, each set of responses separated by different musical interludes.

Details of collaborators

• The principal collaborator of the performance: Yoon-Kyung Chung
• Photographer: Becky Butler
• Videographer: Barra O’Connor, Fionn Walsh
• Audio editor: Sofia Arteaga
• Film editor: Barra O’Connor

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